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Ali Inspector 2 is a fresh new software including 6 powerful tools to research products based on keywords from which is one of the biggest e-commerce sites around the world. By using this, you can:

♥ Analyze Bestsellers: analyze which products are leading the trends based on its sales number

♥ Generate Niche Keywords: get keywords people use when searching, which is helpful for SEO aspect

♥ Uncover Top Performing Dropships Products

Ali Inspector is tailored for those who are running their own e-commerce stores, dropshipping business or those who wish to earn profits from providing the researching data service. Let’s move on to find out more details about this product.
I would like to introduce 6 useful tools included in the software that help you a lot to develop your business.

Tool 1: Keyword Generator Tool
Make use of this built-in tools to generate highly targeted niche keywords instantly, which may help you do SEO work better as well as draw some ideas on the products in case you haven’t found out some appropriate offers yet.


Tool 2: Best Seller Tool
Carry out in-dept analysis 380 categories to instantly uncover the top selling products for your own eCommerce store. Hot niches such as Women’s Clothing & Accessories; Men’s Clothing & Accessories; Phone & Accessories; Jewelry & Accessories; Shoes; Beauty & Kids,…


Tool 3: Product Search Tool
You have already got thousands of valuable keywords from tool 1, they can be used to search in tool 2 to find out which products are being sold like hot cakes. You can also use different keywords. There are 3 ways of searching:

Use the AliExpress search engine
Use the Bing search engine
Insert HTML source code containing AliExpress product links

3 ways to search look in action:


Another amazing function of this tool is that you can get 33 Data Columns for every product including:



Use Filters ( blazing-fast column or custom) to get results faster:


Tool 4: Built-In AliExpress Product Link Scrapper
Basically insert ANY content that contains AliExpress product links and you can quickly get product data from:

AliExpress search result pages
AliExpress category pages
ANY page on AliExpress!
Google search results
Yahoo search results
ANY content or text file containing AliExpress product links

Tool 5: New Image & Description Bulk Downloader Tool
You can download all the image variations and details for an unlimited number of products directly from AliExpress!

Tool 6: New Favorites With Groups Tool
You can create “Groups” of favorites making it super easy to organize your products for several categories as well as different e-commerce stores.


Save your best product to your favorite section for easy access:

ali-inspector - Tool 6

Besides these 6 main tools, Ali Inspector Version 2 allows you to unlock more power from other functions of the product:
♣ Analyzing the Most Recent 1,000 Transactions from ANY AliExpress Product!

♣ Importing unlimited products & reviews to Shopify

♣ Importing unlimited products & reviews to WooCommerce

♣ Instructional help videos

♣ Lifetime product support

♣ Auto-generate the sale price from the markup percentage and can also auto-generate a regular price from the predefined discount percentage!

♣ Auto-generates useful SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) for each imported product variation.

♣ You can also use the import CSV file for any other eCommerce platform.

♣ Get only the best reviews you really need in your e-commerce stores by quickly approving or rejecting reviews to import.

♣ Easily Translate Reviews into Any Language!

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