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Proxifier 3.42 2019 Standard Edition Lifetime License Global Digital Download

Lastest Proxifier Standard Edition Lifetime License
The Most Advanced Proxy Client
Proxifier allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a SOCKS or HTTPS proxy and chains.
Proxifier allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a SOCKS or HTTPS proxy and chains. Features include work with any Internet client through a proxy, improve network performance or ensure privacy, easy yet powerful UI with live data, and up to date with new technologies.
Other features include Proxifier can process all outgoing TCP connections, full IPv6 support, tunnel IPv4 connections through IPv6 proxy and vice versa, SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 4A (hostnames support) with User ID authentication, HTTPS with Basic and NTLM authentication, proxy failure is transparent for the client application if redundancy is enabled, selected proxies in the chain can be enabled or disabled, convenient UI that allows chain creation and reordering with drag-and-drop, system DNS and DNS over proxy modes, automatic DNS mode detection, and proxification rules can be based on application names, IP addresses, hostnames, and port numbers.

Key Features:
Proxy Everything
Redirect connections of any internet app (browser, email, database, game, etc.) through a proxy
Master Your Corporate Network
Control access to resources. Route all your connections through a single entry point. Update multiple configurations remotely from a single place.
Improve Your Connection
Route internet traffic through faster routes.
Security and Privacy
Lightweight and flexible alternative to VPN. Tunnel your connections through encrypted channels.
Bypass Restrictions
Use a proxy as a gateway for your internet activities.
Assign different proxies or chains to different connections using the rule-based system.
New Technologies
Proxifier is always up to date with the latest OS versions, including Windows 10 and macOS Mojave.
Tech Keywords
IPv6, HTTP(S), SOCKS, DNS via Proxy, Proxy Checker, NTLM, Windows Service, XML Config, Proxy Redundancy.
Native C++ app. No third-party dependencies. Installer size is 4 MB.
Seamless Integration
Transparent handling of connections on the system level. Best-in-class compatibility with third-party apps.
Your License will sending directly via email and ebay message after make a payment.
Your License is ACTIVE FOREVER (No expiration date).
Your name will appear on Proxifier after used Original License from us which proves that this license is original.
We do not shipping anything, License only to your email address and /or ebay message.

System Requirements:
Windows 2000
Windows 7/8/10
Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016
contact me on telegram @blackcave1

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