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Item description

This is for $25 gift cards to Jason’s Deli. This is for use at the location only.

Sandwiches, salad bar, soups and more.
Find a Jason’s Deli near you:

How to Redeem:
- Download a gift card app like Stocards, PocketZee or other 3rd party gift card app (Not Jason’s Deli)
- On app click on add gift card (or something to that sort), search for Jason’s Deli and type the card number manually.
- If you can’t find Jason’s Deli then click on other and input the information manually.
- At the restaurant pull up the barcode/QR code or gift card number on your phone and present it to the cashier during checkout.
- Since this is a franchise restaurant some locations may and can refuse to accept egift cards. So please bring other form of payment just in case.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to message me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Disclaimer - Please know what you are buying before sending funds. Although problem rarely occur they do sometimes occur depending on location and management rules. Please bring other form of payment just in case the store refuses the gift card(s). No refunds will be issued unless you contact me first and we can not resolve the problem. Please give me the opportunity to fix the issue before requesting a refund. You have 48 hours to reach out if there is an issue. If there is an issue I will replace the defective item to the same location or a different place for same dollar value. Refunds will only be issued if we can not come to an agreement on other form of resolution.

Thank you and enjoy!!

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