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Finally! Your Complete Solution to Harvest (and Monetize) Hundreds of REAL 'Ready-to-Pay' Leads with Just a Few Clicks of Button...

Profit in 3 Simple Newbie Friendly Steps, NO Product Launching, NO Affiliate Marketing, NO Shiny Object Confusion... And You Can Get Started as Early as Today...

Local Lead Beast
Your Complete Solution To Finding Hundreds of Ready to Pay Local Businesses & Closing Them for Easy to Do (or Outsource) High Paying Gigs...

How to Make Money
Using Local Lead Beast's
"Collect - Connect - Profit"
Easiest, Most Powerful Lead Generation Tool & Monetization Model of 2017
Here’s how the magic works, and let me tell it to you in an entertaining manner...

Imagine for a minute you are Joe.

It's 5am. He could use "another 5mins" of sleep, but he’s to rush to work today.

But it's ok, he's happy. Because the night before, he went thru this Local Lead Beast (software & training) containing this “collect - connect - profit” thingie.

He thought he’d apply what he just learned.

So, in his commute, he made mental notes of the niches he's interested in making money with, and evaluated which ones would be “better than the others” (something he learned last night as well).

He arrived at work, and went on with his regular job.

During morning break, he went to the office “public” Apple Computer and went to the Local Lead Beast website and fired the browser-based-software (...thank goodness it works on both Mac & PC).

He typed in the niche he selected during his commute to work.

In less than a minute, he got hundreds of "geo-and-niche targeted" local businesses in front of him. The list included important information like email addresses, Fan Page, contact numbers, and the like.

Joe then download his first list, as backup.

From this list, he hand-picked a few businesses that have "indications of profits" (something he learned from the Local Lead Beast Training, as well).

“Collect” complete, said Joe.

Afternoon break came, and he took out the “connect with the lead script” (from the Local Lead Beast package), made a few simple edits, and sent it to the people in his list.

He did this for the whole duration of the break time.

“CONNECT complete”, he said.

Office hours went by.

Then Joe came home, and fired up his 4 year old laptop.

To his surprise, he found 2 replies.

Not much, but he knew he didn’t really need that much to make money from here.

He also knew, with the value giving approach of his message (versus the obnoxious selling approach that the competitors use), more people are bound to reply to him later on.

“Now it’s time to PROFIT” he said.

He now implemented the “reply” scripts (that lead-on to offer the ‘done-for-you, easy-to-do, easy-to-outsource services he got from the Local Lead Beast package as well).

A few more hours passed, and more replies came in, and within that night, Joe made 2 sales, and waiting on for the replies of a few more.

Good start... good ka-ching!

Now, Joe can continue selling more products to the ones who already bought for more money.

And continue with “collecting” and “connecting” the coming days.

He did this enough times until he could outsource the “collecting” “connecting” part.

Results not typical, but proven simple enough for newbies to follow =)

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