Exclusive Refunding Service/Guide 2021

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A lot of you guys have been asking me and seemed confused about the REFUND thing.
So, I am going to be as transparent as possible.

Suppose you ordered something from Walmart.
Your item got delivered to your home/office.
You'll contact me with your order details.
I'll get your funds refunded back to your credit card/bank.
(PAYPAL is OK too)
And you won't have to send your items back.
So, you're getting your money back in full + you can keep the items.

As per my Double Dip service, you'll receive your orders twice + the full refund.

You have to order something and wait for it to get delivered.
I'll take care of the rest for you.

Note: There'll be no risk of losing your money. Cause if anything goes wrong, you can return the item and get your money back anyway. And if you feel uncomfortable regarding chargebacks you can cancel your card after receiving a couple of refunds for extra safety. Though chargebacks are very very rare.

There are a variety of stores to choose from. Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Wayfair, Nike, Nordstrom, and many more.
My service fees are usually 15-30% of the total order amount.
This is to be paid after the refund confirmation email.

DM me for vouches and with your questions.

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