Beetles & Bones: Care, Feeding, and Use of Dermestid Be

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Beetles & Bones: Care, Feeding, and Use of Dermestid Beetles is a must have for anybody interested in raising these amazing creatures, which museum curators and others have used in skeleton preparation for over a hundred years.

In this easy to understand handbook, specialist Rob Graves discusses every aspect of starting, growing, and using a colony of dermestid beetles. With the aid of over two-dozen photos and illustrations, you will learn where to find or buy beetles, how and where to keep them, what to feed them, and the optimal growing conditions to quickly raise a colony big enough to clean skulls and bones.

You’ll also learn how to properly prepare skeletons for beetle cleaning, ways to put even a small colony to work right away, and European mounting techniques for your game head.

Beetles & Bones is the only resource where laypersons can quickly learn the key points and pitfalls of this unique and fascinating hobby. This mountain of valuable information in a single, understandable text makes this book worth its weight in gold!

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