Be Fearless With Women: Unleash Your Animal Magnetism

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Disclaimer: This book is not for men who are already successful with women. This book is for the men who are totally terrified of women. The man who can't even muster up the courage to say, "Hi", to that attractive woman that works at the deli he visits every day.

This is for the man who is too smart for his own good. The man who knows how to conjure up all the "logical" reasons as to why he shouldn't approach the woman of his desires: "She probably has a boyfriend." "I don't know what to say to her." "She is not my type because of [insert lame excuse here]". "I'm a gentleman and gentlemen don't approach women while she's doing x, y, or z". "She's too good for me". "She's too beautiful. She'll never date a guy like me". "Everybody is watching me, and probably laughing at me".

For naturals, all those things may seem totally irrational and dumb, but to someone who suffers from severe social anxiety, the fear seems very, very real. Being a very shy person myself, I totally understand their pain.

This book is a step-by-step guide to get you approaching the women you desire: whether it's a stranger in the street, a woman in your classroom, or a long-time friend that you haven’t mustered up the courage to ask out on a date.

The techniques are very counter-intuitive. You may totally disregard the steps because of their simplicity, but remember, 'to be wise is to be simple'.

Things I DON'T promise in this book:

- You'll be able to attract any woman you approach.
- You'll be able to steal her from her boyfriend or husband.
- Women will fall at your feet from your new found confidence.
- You'll be a sex magnet after reading this book.
- Corny pickup lines.
- You'll get laid like a rock star!

Things I DO promise to help you with in this book:

- Fear of rejection
- Fear of speaking to women in front of others
- Fear of not knowing what to say
- Giving you the confidence and courage to approach the women you desire.
- Giving you a game plan that you can start implementing right away.
- How to start and hold an interesting conversation that builds attraction.
- Exercises to help you conquer your approach anxiety once and for all.
- Exercises to help you improve your ability to come up with something to say, on the spot.
- And a whole lot more...

This book will take you from being that frightened little cub, to unleashing that alpha male within.

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