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Netflix Streaming | Watch Netflix | Free Netflix | Premium NETFLIX Account

Netflix is the king of online streaming! Netflix is one of the simplest streaming services around, you NORMALLY pay a monthly fee and then get unlimited access to its full range of movies and TV shows. BUT! Instead of paying the monthly subscription, you are buying the account with a ONE-TIME payment from Professor!

✅ After your purchase, you instantly get your account details (email:pass)
✅ Warranty: replace account if stop working
✅ Friendly after-sales support
✅ No silly monthly payments, only one-time $4!

✪ Netflix has become the internet's biggest bandwidth eater!

Netflix is the best all-round streaming service for TV and movies. It's a fair price and the picture quality is superb. The $4 cost account you are going to buy from Professor will have you hooked!

It's 2019 and Netflix is still the king of online streaming, using more global bandwidth than cat videos and piracy combined.

According to Sandvine, at peak times it's using 37% of America's peak-time internet bandwidth, compared to just 4% for Bittorrent. It's becoming a big deal elsewhere too, accounting for a huge amount of Europe's downstream traffic.

That means it's bigger than everything: bigger than YouTube, bigger than The Pirate Bay, and much bigger than any other streaming video service, including Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu or Google Play Movies & TV.

✪ So, roughly how big is Netflix USA in terms of subscribers? According to CNN, it surpassed 139 million global subscribers in January 2019.

✅ How can I access Netflix?

There are a huge range of devices on which you can access your Netflix account and, impressively, they will all synchronise too. Watch a show on your desktop browser and you can pause it and pick up in the exact same place when logging back in on your big screen TV. As well as your computer and built-in TV applications there are also Android and iOS apps as well as a whole suite of set-top boxes that will give you access to Netflix's video library.

✅ What are Netflix's key features?

There is another reason for having discrete profiles and that's because Netflix's recommendation algorithm will learn your preferences in terms of what you watch. It will then be able to tailor what it places highest on the home screen more towards the sort of content it thinks you prefer. Netflix was also the pioneer of binge-watching, partly thanks to its habit of putting its own shows live in their entirety as soon as they arrive on the service, but also because as soon as an episode of a show finishes the next one is ready to play in a matter of seconds. You don't have to do anything but sit back and let the entertainment flood in.

Netflix, like Amazon, is going to a huge amount of effort to create its own TV shows and movies and has recently found Oscar success with Alfonso Cuarón's Roma.


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