The BloggingX Pro System – Akshay Hallur

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The BloggingX Pro System - Akshay Hallur

The Complete Mentorship Package for
Profitable Blogging 💰!
I'll help you get rid of years of experimentation and frustration!

I’m Akshay, the founder of BloggingX, InfoSparkle, and many other online ventures.

Back in 2015, I dropped out of university to pursue my passion – blogging.

With over 7 years of experience, I have built, grown, and even sold multiple websites.

As of now, I have 2 main authority websites. One is BloggingX (earning 6-figure income in dollars) and another soon to hit the 6-figure mark. Both of my websites in total get nearly 2-million pageviews yearly.

I have worked with multiple startups and companies like SEMrush, Brainstorm Force, Thrive Themes, to scale their sales via strategic content marketing.

BloggingX Pro Is Lifetime Access to the Ultimate Blogging Training Package
In this training, you’ll be learning the exact SYSTEM that I’ve built to build and grow my portfolio of blogs to make a full-time income blogging. Once you learn proven system, you can just rinse and repeat the exact process, and exponentially grow your income.

Many newbies need real-life guidance, where their questions will be addressed, hence I created this ultimate training program!

What You'll Get in BloggingX Pro?
100+ videos and counting…

In-depth courses and videos teaching you
A-Z of blogging to dominate your niche and earn BIG money from blogging

Plug ‘n play framework and templates

You’ll be getting access to our niche research, content creation, and SEO frameworks with ready-to-use templates

Processes and checklist
You’ll be getting access to all the checklists, documentations, and standard operating procedures to help you implement our system step-by-step or outsource with ease.

Community of like-minded bloggers
You get to ask questions, network with bloggers, get ongoing accountability and support with our community.
Why BloggingX Pro?
Created by a practitioner who's earning 6-figure income per year (in dollars) consistently.
Over 100+ in-depth video lessons that are easy to understand.
The core training videos are completely documented and summarized.
You get access to all the templates, checklists, processes, and also databases we use personally in our business.
We implement accountability mechanisms to ensure your success.
Full transparency (strategies, websites, reports) - With over-the-shoulder guidance.
The training videos are constantly being updated and new courses being added.
Community support to help you get ongoing support.

BloggingX Pro is not for you if:
You don't know the importance of borrowing proven systems, processes, and experience while running a business.
You believe in shortcuts, get-rich-quick schemes, and treat online world as a casino.
You don't believe in the fact that authority blogging is the future.
You know that you fail to implement what I teach and just want intellectual entertainment.
You treat investing in self-education as an expenditure and don't know the importance of proper mentorship.

Not created by practitioners with proven results.
Filled full of theories with Powerpoint slides (no action steps).
The lectures are structured poorly with no logical flow.
No personalized guidance and 121 interaction.
Just a set of videos and do not present you exact systems and processes.

What Will You Learn?
In this module, you’ll be learning the basics of blogging, the mindset, and also you’ll get a complete sneak-peek into our system so that it helps you better contextualize the knowledge that you’re gonna learn.

Monetization icon
You’ll learn different ways by which you can earn big money blogging, and I’ll help you discover what strategy is right for you. Beginning with the end in mind is WAY IMPORTANT.
Niche research icon
Niche research
You’ll be learning secret strategies to discover highly profitable niches that are working well for top affiliates right now and also step-by-step process on how to properly shortlist and holistically validate your niches for profitability and SEO. I’ll be also presenting you secret keyword research techniques especially for new sites.

Website setup icon
Website setup
You’ll be learning the proven website setup framework that we follow for all of our sites. This framework is designed by keeping ease of use and management, performance, modularity, design flexibility and freedom, future-proof, and SEO in mind.

Content creation
You’ll be learning some really easy content creation strategies that helps you create content that is far better than your competitors. by following our Notion-based system that involves guidelines, templates, cheatsheets, and blog outlines.

Let’s make content creation easier again.

Link Building
Link building
There are hundreds of SEO and link building strategies. We’ll be diving in deep on the best SEO strategies and also top 3 link building strategies that are proven to work for us across multiple niches.

You’ll also be learning some of the best-kept secrets when it comes to offpage SEO.

Scaling up
Most of the the bloggers get stuck earning $500 – $2000/month. In this module, you’ll learn some of the well-proven strategies to scale your site beyond 5-figure and even 6-figure income monthly. You’ll be learning the framework of how I exactly scaled my income through the roof!

Pick our brains 🧠
You’ll get instant access to all our blogging related SOPs, content templates, checklists, etc. We use these resources specifically for BloggingX and our sites.

Detailed SOPs (Documentation), Templates and Checklists:
SOPs and templates
Blog Post Outlining
Content optimization
Choosing Amazon Products
Content upgradation
Website and SEO audit
Guest posting
Internal linking
Image optimization
BloggingX Pro Templates
Roundup Post Template
Alternative Post Template
Single Product Review Template
Comparison Post Template
Blog Outlining Template
BloggingX Pro Google Sheets
Access to Google Sheets for streamlining the various processes of the system.


In this module, you’ll be learning the basics of content writing, the mindset, and some basics of writing. In this module I’ll be covering how you need to go through the course, what to expect, and in what way you need to consume the information presented for maximum benefits.

Web content Writing 101

In this module, you’ll be learning the essentials of web writing. You’ll learn about user avatars, intent writing, and much more things you need to be aware before writing content for the web. If you are quite new to web writing, this module results in astonishing results for you in a short period of time

SEO for Content Writers

In this module you’ll be learning all the SEO concepts you need to learn and implement when it comes to web writing. This is really important because, with high-paying clients the pay will be less if you’re not knowledgeable about SEO. You’ll learn about SEO keywords, keyword optimization, topical optimization, and much more.

Planning and Outlining

The difference between elite writers and newbie writers is one thing – planning and outlining. Once the learn the art of planning and outlining, it’ll 5x the effectiveness of your articles and you can instantly attract high-paying clients.

Creation of Blog Content

In this module I’ll dive in deep and explain you how to write winning science-backed headlines, hooking introductions, content formatting, etc. You’ll also learn about telling micro-stories to keep readers glued reading your content.
Content Editing and Proofreading

Content that is not edited and proofread it half done. It’s called a rough draft.

In this module you’ll learn how to properly edit the content for simplicity, flow, optimizing paragraphs, optimizing sentences, word choice, and will also walk you down through practical examples.

Client attraction

No matter how good are you in content writing, if you fail to market yourself effectively, your growth will be limited. In this module I’ll cover, who are your ideal clients, how to send them proposals, getting accepted, building portfolio, step-by-step guest posting strategy, etc.

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