Network Hacking – Intermediate to Advanced

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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Network Hacking ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Intermediate to Advanced

Size: 1,5 GB
Language: English

This course is designed to build up on what you already know about network hacking.
This course is highly practical, but it will not neglect the theory, since this is an advanced course we will be breaking each attack into its smaller components and understand how each of these components work, therefore by the end of the course you will be able to mix these attacks and adopt attacks to suit different situations and different scenarios, not only that but at the end of the course you will learn how to write your own man in the middle scripts to implement your own man in the middle attacks.

▬ Pre-Connection Attacks
1. Pre-Connection Attacks
2. Gaining Access
3. Captive Portals

▬ WEP Cracking
1. WEP Cracking
2. WPA/WPA2 cracking
3. Exploiting WPS
4. Advanced Wordlist Attacks
5. Evil Twin Attack

▬ WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
1. WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
2. Post-Connection Attacks

■ Who is the target audience?
⦁ People who want to take their network hacking skills to the next level.
⦁ Who want to have a better understanding of the subject and enhance their skills.
⦁ People who want to be able to run attacks manually & write their own MITM scripts.

■ What Will you Learn?
⦁ 50 detailed videos about practical attacks against Wi-Fi networks
⦁ A number of MORE ADVANCED practical attacks
⦁ Disconnect multiple/all clients from their networks without knowing the key
⦁ Bypass MAC filtering (both black and white lists).
⦁ Discover names of hidden networks and connect to them
⦁ Exploit WPS on more secure routers to get the WPA/WPA2 key.
⦁ Unlock WPS on some routers even if its locked
⦁ Understand how WPA/WPA2 enterprise work.
⦁ Gain access to networks that use WPA/WPA2 enterprise using 2 methods.
⦁ Gain access to captive portals (hotels and airport networks) using 3 methods.
⦁ Understand how a fake access point work and be able to create one manually from scratch
⦁ Generate SSL certificates & use it to support HTTPS on apache2.
⦁ Create a fake captive portal that acts exactly like a normal captive portal.
⦁ Steal WPA/WPA2 password using evil twin attack.
⦁ Crack WPA/WPA2 faster using GPU instead of CPU.
and more ..................

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