100 Gram Dried dandelion tea Organic Dandelion Root

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Dandelion flower tea is very delicate. None of its intricate flavors really force their way to the front and it all Blends together quite nicely with no real standout flavor from the infusion. This makes it an ideal tea to mix with other teas without changing the flavor too much. It won’t overpower most of the other flower herbal teas
Ingredients 3-5 dandelion flowers (fresh-picked) 2 cups water (boiling hot) 2 tbsp stevia leaves [3] (dried) or any other sweetener 2 tbsp lime juice (optional) 3 cups water (cold, if you prefer to have it chilled) Instructions Pick the fresh dandelion flowers and put them in a colander..
The aroma of the dandelion flower herbal infusion is very similar to the taste of the tea. The floral aroma is a little more pronounced than it is when you drink the tea but there is still a nice slightly sweet smell to the flower in general.
Dandelion flowers taste similar to their steeped tea. Floral and slightly sweet. They have a little more bitterness when eaten as a flower, in my opinion.
Dandelion petals produce a drink that’s subtly sweet. Use the roots to brew a cup, however, and you’ll get something with nutty, smoky notes. Last but certainly not least, dandelion tea made from the leaves leads to something with a powerful grassy, earthy taste that some may find overwhelming...

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