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Item description

Get a USA VoIP Mobile Number for your verification needs. With a US Pinger Textfree number you can complete and receive free Wi-fi Internet calling, Accept Picture SMS text and Receive Voice mail messages a unlimited number of times. This number is good for verifying accounts like eBay, PayPal, Amazon and More. You can access the account online from your PC along with the SMS feature.

As a Limited offer if you Buy 2 you get 1 free! Just tell me your preferred Area code, if you're unsure let me know or I'll choose for you. Delivery is under 24 hours.

You will receive the following:
- Username
- Password
- Phone Number
- Admin Website

- Free USA Mobile Number
- Free Text Messages Worldwide
- Unlimited Text & Calls
- Free Inbound & Toll-Free Calls
- Free Outbound Calls To Pinger Users
- Domestic & International Calling
- Auto Reply Feature
- Voicemail Feature
- Android and iOS Compatible
- Web Access

Note: In order to keep the same Pinger Number you have to use the Pinger Number at-least once per month, or they may reset your account with a new number.

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