Collection #1-5 – 2.2 Billion Accounts/Passwords

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Item description

After Collection # 1, Collection # 2- # 5 has now been leaked: More than 2 billion e-mail addresses and passwords are available for download on the net. In the middle of January, Collection # 1 landed over 773 million email addresses and 21 million passwords, as well as over 1.16 billion combinations of email addresses and passwords in the network. As previously suspected, Collection # 2- # 5 has now appeared. In total, more than 2.1 billion e-mail addresses are affected!

Collection # 2- # 5: 1.3 billion credentials. It already stood out at the leak of the first large password collection, that there is still much more. And that's exactly what happened: security experts have discovered the announced collections # 2- # 5 in an internet forum for hackers. They are even more extensive than the first collection and almost triple the number of stolen credentials.

Is there more? Anyone who sets out on the trail of data, eventually finds its source - a hacker forum for experts and data collectors. That's where the original download of "Collection # 1" came from. If you dig deeper there, there is a thread that offers the registered (and deserved) members more files. There was also talk of Collection # 2- # 5. Also mentioned are "Latest Anti-Public" and "Zabagur # 1". The total size of the data, he specifies providers with incredible 1,000 gigabytes. Together, there should be up to 30 billion combinations, the description says. It is therefore very likely that even the missing files will soon appear somewhere.

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