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Item description

Xthor is the best French General Tracker and one of the oldest still active with more than 458,000 torrents compared to 581,000 the previous year (cause all dead torrents have been deleted.

- It has the best pretime for all the French Scene content and all the bests French P2P team for HDTV, Remux, encode HD 720/1080p...

- The ratio is easy to maintain since there is a lot of uploads and freeleech which can be global, or individual on a regular basis. You can also buy upload data with bonus points which are virtual $.

- To get $ you can simply share torrents, or by selling X-Pass, that you can get using 51000 of Karma.

What is the Karma ?

What makes Xthor the best French Tracker and certainly one of the best in general in terms of activity and community, is also the many systems put in place to make the tracker more attractive.
- Karma : Karma represents a sum of positive and negative actions, seeding more than 21 GB of torrent represents a positive action and seeding less than 20 GB represents a negative action.
You gain or lose a number of karma defined according to the volume of seed.
- Chakra : The Chakra is a fictitious indicator inspired by the Japanese culture (but from the Indian culture) and which determines your implication on Xthor, it allows you to reach ninja ranks in order to have special powers on Xthor. Powers which are advantages.
- Dharma : The Dharma is a fictitious indicator inspired by Indian culture, it indicates on Xthor the impact of your posts on the forum, each time a member clicks on the heart at the top right of one of your posts, your Dharma level increases.
- Gang : You can create a gang with other people and get $ on each uploaded torrent by taxing the seeders.

- There is also a casino, blackjack and tombola twice a week, allowing one person to win some $, a lot of $.

- They have a virtual currency, the Xthorian Euro. The value of one €X is 1€ IRL. This currency can be used as real euros on Xthor, that is to say that it allows you to make donations and have the related advantages, you also have the possibility to offer them to your friends or to resell them on the market.

- You can make a donation with cryptomoney.

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