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xBytesV2 is a SPANISH Private Torrent Tracker for Movies/General content ,
Is the new version of former xBytes.
The new look/design is impressing , very easy to browse ,
H&R is active and better to keep at seed as much as you can.
Bonus points (seedpoints) works really great , you can easily create a good buffer with it.
-For every hour the system registers you as seeder you will receive 2 points per torrent. (Up to a maximum of 250 points per hour)
-You will receive 100 points for each new torrent you upload. (Subject to a 24 hour delay to give us time to check the torrent.)
-You will receive 1 point for each post you make in the forum.
-You will receive 0.1 points for each shout you make in the shoutbox.

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