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World Boxing Video Archive is the largest Private Tracker for BOXING and the best of his kind ,
The tracker impress with a good variety of torrents in different formats , plus a great collection of ARCHIVES CLASSIC FIGHTs.
But all this heaven of boxing comes with a catch , Is not easy to seed and keep good ratio (bonus points system works very slow),
here are some TIPs:
- Start to Download only NEW torrents because You must have more than 10GB upload to download DVDs, Download free leech torrents.
They do not count against your download stats but they do count on the upload stats.
- Stay away from the old fights. Everyone has downloaded them and it will be difficult to recover the ratio on these torrents.
A fight should be considered old 2-3 days after it has been broadcast. After about 48 hours, the traffic on a torrent drops off sharply.
-HnR is active keep at seed as long as you can.
Over all WBVA Is the best one to have for boxing fans!

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