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UHDBits is an HD/BluRay tracker. UHDBits started out slow but now has become one of the most elite trackers out here today.

They also have internal encoders: DON, HaB, HDVN, KASHMiR, PIS, PRiMaLHD, TayTO, UHDRemux (DKT, EEEEE, KHu, LDX, LiquidHD, $a!nt, TCO, VoLT). This tracker is like every other tracker and have a easy bonus system where you can purchase invites, titles, uploads, and freeleech tokens.

UHD have a huge section of freeleech torrents which makes easier for a user to seed and meet ratio goal. Most of the new torrent uploaded here is available to grab for free. UHDBits currently have a maximum of 10,000 users and 6,315 enabled users and have 24000 + Plus active torrents and 13000 + Plus internal releases. I believe this tracker is one of the better ones out there where you can find a variety of torrents and even music and documentaries. You don't have to be an uploader to upload torrents on the site you just have to be promoted to power user or higher to upload torrents. They have also started adding 4K movies which can't do anything but improve the site even more.

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