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U2.dmhy.org / U2 - is a Chinese private tracker with a high standard of quality, dedicated exclusively to Anime materials. It supports both English and Chinese languages, most of the participants are from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the majority are fans of anime and made U2 almost the best anime site in the world.

If you want to find good quality Blu-ray, DVD rips, then U2 is a great place, as it is one of the best Anime trackers along with Animebytes and BakaBT. The tracker also has a large collection of BDMV and DVDISO distributions (more than 5000 BDMV and more than 1000 DVDISO). According to statistics, there are about 18,000 torrents, and only 100 torrents are not enough seeding. The vast majority of material has high recoil speeds. Many participants are uploading new content to U2 from Japanese programs for sharing files between users, such as Share and Perfect Dark.

Maintaining a good ratio on U2 is easy. All internal rips of the resource are free and do not affect the rating with 2-fold or 3-fold download, while other self-coding programs have only 50% free download. The tracker also has categories such as Manga, Lossless format music and a subtitle database for BDMV called native “« 结构 ”. As a good final, you should buy invite or account on the U2.dmhy.org tracker if you are Anime fan and are looking for high-quality video of this special genre.

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