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ToTheGlory, TTG is one of the major Chinese HD tracker. TTG launched in 2009 and continued its journey gloriously. It is also the biggest game tracker in China. It has a separate index for games & warez contents.

At the time of this review tracker has more than 244K torrents. The community is very active in shoutbox & forum. Pretimes are very good & speed is more than decent. They have their own internal encoding team. But you can also find content from the best encoders out there.

Maintaining ratio is easy. All internals are 100% freeleech for some time starting from 6 to 24 or 48 hours. Tracker also has a decent bonus system.

It is very hard to join TTG since their invite system has been closed for a while. If you can manage to join, join without a doubt. Highly recommended.

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