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Tracker Name: Tasmanit.es or TAS
Tracker URL: https://tasmanit.es/
Tracker Signup: Closed/Invite Only
Tracker Genre: TV Shows (AU/NZ)
Tracker Birthday: 17 April 2006
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
Bonus System: Yes


Tasmanit.es is a private tracker for mainly Australian and New Zealand TV shows, however you will see content from other Commonwealth nations like UK and South Africa. It is the largest and most active tracker for folks ‘down-under’, with approximately 21,000 members and 47,000 torrents; quite impressive for two countries with a combined population of about 28m.

The tracker uses a TSSE source code which sometimes results in messy and cluttered layouts if not managed properly. However, the staff have done a good job ensuring each page is not flooded with tables and information. Although the menu system is a bit hard to navigate at first, after a few weeks you will get the hang of it and know off the back of your hand where each of the specific pages are located.

For prospective users, obtaining an invite is rather easy as they only cost 20 bonus points for 3 invites, you should got to know the right people! Once you sign up, you will be granted a little bit of upload credit and bonus points, but you should still buffer your account with some popular downloads. There are no free leech torrents, but once you start seeding you’ll generate enough bonus points to recover your ratio if required. If you have a seedbox you’ll have no trouble maintaining ratio as most of the users are seeding off their home connections.

All in all, if your an aussie, kiwi or ex-pat looking to catch up with your favourite TV shows from back home, this is the place for you.

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