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Open.CD is one of the best known private chinese music trackers around , if it's not their best !

Tracker got around 8K registered members with App. +51K uploaded torrents (+1K more than 2017 review) which is good for specifically a chinese dedicated music tracker.

Their internal encoders team is OpenCD and most of their uploads are exclusive.

Maintain ratio is easy as :
- Many torrents are uploaded daily with 30% , 50% , 100% freeleech Or even 2x double upload count.
- Bonus points system is implemented where you can buy invite , extra GBs to your upload count.

They have H&R system that you need to seed every torrent for 36 Hours in 30 days after it has been completely downloaded, and 10 H&Rs will get you banned.

Like other chinese tracker , they got a Newbie assignment : 5GB upload , 5GB download & 500 Bonus points (which is really easy!)

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