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M-Team is one of the best chinese tracker for HD contents with excellent variety of contents - both P2P and Scene releases, good pre-times, great speed, nice seed retention. It has Movie, Music, TV, Anime, Sports, Software, Games, ebook as categories. As of now they have 451k torrents in which 90k are movies, 34k TV series (16k TV packs), 17k 4k torrents, 11k Music, 9k Anime etc. It's internal encoders are BMDru, KISHD, OneHD, CNHK.They have a separare section for Adult torrents only where it has a great collections of 125k torrents. Retiree or above can upload torrents directly without going through offers section. User or above can upload via adding to offers only. If you DID NOT TURN ON "Vacation Mode" , after 40 days inactive (Seeding is not included, visit the site.)
If you DID "On Vacation" , after 90 days without any visit will have same result. There is a newbie assignment here: ▪ Upload volume>20G ▪ Downloads>15G ▪ Holds seed bonus over 4500

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