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HD-Only is a Gazelle tracker dedicated to High Definition video, created on September 14, 2014.
The tracker was created just before two trackers closure: HDFrench-Zone and HD-Dream.

While series are authorized, the tracker mainly focuses on movies. The majority of the uploads are dual tracks (MULTi): French + original language.

The tracker interface is available in two languages: French and English. This review has French screenshots, if you want to see an English version of the interface, go check out the 2016 review.

There is one issue with this tracker: There are so few people that the tracker is slowly sinking. It had around 10,000 releases two years ago. Today, there a few more than 6,000 releases. This tracker targets audience of connoisseurs, and you could easily compare it to Awesome-HD in some points: Encodes uploaded to the tracker must comply with serious parameters. This is a reason why the tracker has a good reputation: If you download something there, it won’t be a crappy encode, and it could even be the best encode on the net. But don't worry, HD-Only sysops are not the freak dictator sysops from AHD, there are quite nice.

But it still is one of the three best French HD focused tracker (with WiHD and HD-F). If you are french and have an opportunity to join it, I would recommend it to you as a backup!

Seedtime system / inactivity / invites

The rule is simple: If you don’t download at least a torrent every trimester, you are kicked out (exceptions are made for people that helped out the tracker by uploading a lot or helping the tracker). Every deactivation is manual. There is no hit & run system but it is required to seed a torrent at least 72 days in the week after the torrent was downloaded. It's only if you always (or at least usually) hit & run that you’ll be banned.

Because the sysop has many issues with the gazelle CMS, invites are not given to users, nor manually or automatically. If you want your friend to join HD-Only, you have to explain why you think he would be a good member and then the sysop creates the account and gives it to the referral so your invitee can finally join in with the newly created account. If one of your invitee is deactivated, you won’t be allowed to ask for invites for 6 months. You better choose good invitees.

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