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• Filelist is a general content torrent tracker, ranked number 7 in the most popular and good trackers, due to the quality of its torrents and the giant number of users.

• Filelist has approximately 168,000 torrents and over 1,100,000 users

• The Staff is worth their weight in gold, they are very helpful, willing to help you anytime with any problem. Forum competitions are often organized by staff, and all users are encouraged to participate.

• With an experience of over a decade, FileList reputation grows, increasing its torrents and users database more and more from year to year.

• Maintaining ratio is simple and easy, thanks to the many torrents that are freeleech. If you can't make a ratio of 1:1, seeding the torrents for 48h is enough.

• The Filelist has also a Design Team that focuses on site improvement. You can even make a request and they will create a custom avatar just for you.

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