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DesiTorrents (DT) is a private torrent tracker dedicated to desi content – movies, music and TV series from India. DT is very unique because of their exclusive content .You can't upload their internal tagged as "exclusive" anywhere. You can ask the staff permission , but they are to remain exclusive to DT for a period of 1 month, strictly.

Downloading Rules:

You must seed every torrent you download for at least 7 days (168 Hours) Regardless of the ratio.
-Partial downloads are not allowed. Once a torrent is added to your client, it must be finished and seeded for 7 days minimum.
-Any unsatisfied torrent that is seen inactive for 3 days continuously, will receive a HnR warning.
-Any torrent that is removed from the client without meeting seeding requirements will receive a HnR warning.
-After 3 HnR warnings. Your account will be restricted or disabled. You can go to your profile page and click on "Torrents" to check the total seedtime of every torrent you added to your client. Any torrent listed on this page with a seedtime of 7 days or more is safe and won't receive any HnR warnings.

Desitorrents is the very best of his kind.

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