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- A Danish general tracker with great pretimes and a huge variety of content.

- Signups are closed and require an invite.

- DanishBits currently has no seed requirements, staff ask that you do seed back downloads and keep your global ratio above 0.6

- You will find the usual audiobooks, ebooks, comics, movies, music, porn and TV series. A lot of torrents are offered as freeleech making it easier to maintain the asked tracker ratio.

- Members have access to both forums and IRC, if you are looking for activity and to join the community check out their forums as this is the most active spot.

- Donations start at a fairly low price and offer freeleech, bonus points, gif avatars, download immunity, invites and VIP status.

- Choosing to keep this review short and sweet. It's a nice tracker with easy going and friendly staff, check it out if given the chance.

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