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CinemaGeddon (CG) is a private tracker dedicated in movies, especially the old & rare ones. There are a lot of B-Movies on this tracker you probably never heard of before! The community prides itself on being the best Cult, Trash, Schlock, Cheese, Vintage Porn, Extreme Gore, Uber Low-Budget (we're talking movies made with cheap digital cameras and edited on windows movie maker here...) and B-Movie tracker on the net!  Tracker got around 24K+ registered members with 168K+ uploaded torrents, which shows how active the tracker is in this specific category. The community is very active through the forum and irc and new torrents are being uploaded on a regular basis.

But not all rare movies are allowed on CG, they should at least meet any of the following:

No IMDB Page.
Fewer than 1000 votes on IMDB.
A rating of less than 3 on IMDB.
One of the best things on CG, is their Rare content! A lot of movies exclusive to this place are ripped and uploaded by CG members, also got a nice design & easy to use. Maintaining a good ratio is easy as there is a lot of Freeleech Torrents and even a seedbonus system that can help you gain more upload credit. Joining CG is a difficult task, invitations are rare and only handed to certain classes of users. Cinemageddon is a tracker that collects really bad-rated and obscure movies. There is no better place if you're looking for such movies.

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