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Item description / CHDBits / CHD - is the largest and the most popular Chinese private tracker devoted to HD-video. It is the oldest tracker and the number ONE among affordable HD trackers for high-quality movies and series fans. Despite the fact that it is a Chinese tracker the quality of uploaded releases is excellent and no worse than on high-end tracker where it is difficult if not impossible to get access because the invites are very expensive and the rules on getting them are very strict. Famous release groups work on and they are the first ones who upload highly anticipated movies and series to the tracker database. Most fresh Bluray discs are uploaded there right before than on any other well-known trackers, and then they go to others in such categories as HD-video, XXX, 720p, 1080p, Blu-Ray. For example, the users of this tracker had the opportunity to watch first such movies as Gladiator, Braveheart, Robin Hood.

The users love this Chinese tracker for its undeniable advantages thanks to which it is highly ranked in the list of well-known HD resources such as HDChina, Totheglory (TTG), M-Team, UHDBits and others. Almost all torrents in demand are dubbed in English so in this sense the tracker is international and doesn’t depend on the user’s country. Still less, there is the possibility to change interface language to English in the settings. CHDBits tracker also has a huge collection of movie subtitles and sound tracks for different countries. The most popular torrents or movies reach very high download speed, that’s why it is easy to get good rating and download large-size movies in Bluray quality. Especially, as many of them can be often found in the freeleech section.

It is very difficult to get an invite to CHDBits tracker, they are delivered only to VIP users with high rate. It is explained by the fact that the administration wishes to cast off dishonest users and «horseleechs» because after getting access to the site they only download necessary content and don’t take part in distribution, don’t execute requests and don’t maintain statistics. This makes the stay on the tracker rather uncomfortable, but allows getting the best result concerning download speed, upload content quality and users’ activity. All HD movies and series fans know CHDBits tracker thanks to these particularities and strive to get access to it. As there is often no invite to it you can always book a good updated CHDBits account which will allow you to download a huge number of GB and even TB of high quality video.

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