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Cartoon Chaos is the best Cartoon tracker, it has a great community and a wealth of toons from the 40's right up to the present day.

They got a big collection with good speeds.

Ratio is very easy cause many FreeLeech files and if you are a long time seeder you earn enough Bonus Points to buy more GBs.

Currently Free Leech is automatic on torrents over 7 GB. When the server costs are met all torrents will be free leech until the end of that month. Free Leech is only in effect when you see a gold coin beside a torrent.

Members are expected to seed every torrent they download - including free leeches - to a minimum ratio of 1.0, or for a minimum of 168 hours (the equivalent of seven uninterrupted days of seeding).

Tracker has many categories like anime movies, anime series, kids, mature cartoons, educational, shorts.. etc

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