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Item description / BTP - is a good private tracker for movies, TV shows and FANRES. Fanres are special edited releases of popular films or TV series that have gone through the process of improving picture and sound quality. As a result, the viewer is offered much better versions of popular edition in modern quality. The administration strictly follows to the declared topics, so torrents of other categories are not allowed. The tracker is quite young, it was opened in 2016, but during this time it quickly gained popularity and became a worthy resource among fans of films and TV shows.

There is a lot of content on BTP. This is one of the best new trackers with a nice updated design and a friendly community. Most downloaded torrents come from reputable trackers such as M-Team, CHDBits, TTG, PrivateHD, etc. In addition, the resource has several internal release groups that issue very high-quality releases. This tracker is now only 3 years old, but it will quickly become one of the best private trackers of the future for films and TV shows and will be able to compete with such old-timers as and The collection of films and TV shows is very well distributed by subject and genre, so finding any movie takes no more than 2-3 minutes. The database has many sections from the world of cinema, such as military, adventure, horror, drama, comedy, sports, musical, animation, family and many others. Just look at the screen from the category page to understand how extensive the file cabinet of the Blutopia tracker is.

On the tracker, it is easy to maintain a rating due to the many freelance content and a good bonus system. Partial loading is not recommended, since sufficient silying of the resulting material is appreciated. The tracker has only high-quality HD material, SD content is not allowed if it is not included in the package or is not available in HD. If you are a fan of high-quality films, TV shows and TV shows, be sure to buy an invite to the Blutopia tracker and become a full user of one of the best databases of modern HD video content.

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