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AvistaZ (ex-AsiaTorrents) is one of the best Asian trackers for Asian (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Thai etc.) stuff. Asian TV-Shows, movies and music are regularly uploaded there. As far as I can see, there is no XXX stuff but only some erotica movies. Although the interface is in English, you won’t find any English content on AvistaZ (maybe some English subtitles). For English content or other stuff, you may visit its sister sites PrivateHD, AnimeTorrents, CinemaZ and ExoticaZ.

This site got approximately 53000 torrents, all of which are either movies, TV shows or music. Its content is widespread from Full Blurays and DVDs to encodes of DVDs and TV. Most Full Blurays and Remuxes are freeleech, and upload content from ADC, M-Team, CHDBits, TTG, HDChina, among others Chinese trackers. Due to the huge amount of freeleech, double upload and a generous bonus points system, maintaining ratio is easy.

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