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AsianDVDClub is one the best trackers for Asian DVD's/BD's on the Internet since 2005, and will remain so for all eternity. The users of ADC share a huge variety of DVDs and Blu-ray discs: yakuza, pinku, kung-fu, kaiju, anime, you name it. They also have a vibrant community of custom subtitlers releasing DVDs and BDs you can get nowhere else. This tracker has a very large number of torrents (82,796) out of which 11,247 torrents are in the Blu-ray format. ADC has 2629 freeleech torrents(which are called golden) and 160 silver torrents(50% freeleech) at the time of this review. Users can improve their ratio by snatching new torrents as soon as they are uploaded, seedboxes makes it even easier to build ratio. Failure to meet your required ratio will result in a warning. If you download too much while you are warned, you will have your download privileges removed, and you will then only be able to download golden torrents. Seeding and uploading new torrents will still be possible however. ADC never bans members for simply having a bad ratio. Not even if it takes you months to get above your minimum required ratio. If you are interested in BD/DVD with subs then this tracker is the right place for you.

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