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Item description is a specialty tracker for sports played by or in the Commonwealth nations. This mainly includes rugby, cricket, Australian soccer/football and motor racing. The tracker also hosts TV shows and clips which feature these sports. It currently has approximately 35,000 members and 28,000 torrents.

As a vBulletin tracker you have to get used to how it operates but once you do it actually works very well. If you’re interested in discussions you can use the forums but if you only want to view torrents there are dedicated pages for this as well. Although the layout is different, you still get a few features you would on a normal gazelle or TBDev tracker such as bonus points, user stats and requests.

With this said, a couple of things work differently. Most importantly, there is no enforcement of ratios and the only requirement is to seed till 1:1 or 3 days. Even then this is not strictly enforced and only advised. The other thing is there is no auto-download feature and cappers normally announce torrents ahead of time so you can subscribe to the thread for notification when it does get uploaded. This is a bit of a nuisance but with no ratio requirement it isn’t necessary to jump on torrents immediately.

Obtaining an invite is a bit difficult but certainly not impossible. As far as I know, invites are not handed out periodically or upon promotion and must be requested from staff members.

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