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ABTorrents (ABT) is a well-known private tracker for Audio Books with plenty of hard to find content and unique uploads.

It has a lot of torrents in various categories such as : Business,Comics,Computers,Comedy,Science,History,C hildren,Biographies ..etc.

Considered the premier audiobook torrent location on the web. Their torrents is better seeded and gets better releases.

Maintain ratio isn't hard as Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy yourself invites / Freeleech time / extra GBs to your upload count

Got active community with nice requests section that are being filled as soon as possible which makes the forums are active as well.

It's a good tracker with some great contents but sadly it lacks seeders.

ABT is Highly recommended to any audiobookphiles where it's stuffs couldn't be found nowhere else . This makes ABT a very valuable site to have if you are looking to seed some other sites with audiobook sections.

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