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Look who returned back after 5months+ of downtime , it's Waffles
Was considered one of the best music trackers around easy to deal with & now it's going for 9 years old .
At Waffles the main content that can be found is, indeed, music. But other neat stuff can be found, also, such as Apps for both Windows, Mac and Linux; Audiobooks and E-books and of course E-learning Videos.
Plenty of FLAC can be found on Waffles, but the tracker has a special category for the best of the best. It's called The Waffle Iron , and each torrent labelled as such is expected to be of the finest quality.
having good buffer ratio there is hard [ as other music stuffs ] , but they get bonus points shop where you can buy invites / extra GBs which help in maintaining good standings there , But the real trick for having a good ratio at Waffles is waiting for the Sitewide Freeleech.
I love that tracker , really good that it returned back in torrentfield !

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