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Tracker URL: http://www.tstracker.biz/
Signup: Closed / Invite Only
Tracker type: Ratio Based
Seed difficulty: Difficult
Bonus System: High Definition category only count 50%.
Banned Countries: None
Tracker Release Year: Unknown

May i introduce you the most requested german tracker TS
Well TS is a high lvl tracker with an amazing speed and excellent anti cheat protection.
The two well known groups "iNCEPTiON" and "TSCC" call TS their home tracker.

These groups especially "iNCEPTiON" are known for excellent releases and high quality. TS has the best download speeds in the german tracker scene and as well old torrents have good speeds. Although there are some good reason why TS could be a good tracker to join in, there are also reasons why you should not waste your time looking for an invite.

The TS staff thinks they were olympian gods, for example you will get a warning for not uploading the correct size for your avatar.
Dont even think that you can have a talk with them about such things. You will also don't find that much content on the tracker because user only can upload a torrent every fifth day. A lot of p2p realeases are missing at TS, you simply can't expect that their uploader can handle this amout of files that were uploaded every day.

Nevertheless happy seeding!

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