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Name: GForcesTracker - GFT
Tracker URL:
Signup: Closed/Invite-only
Ratio requirements: Ratioless
Seeding Difficulty: Easy
Bonus System: Yes
Genre: General/0-day
Banned Countries: No banned countries
Tracker IRC:


GForcesTracker, better known as TheGFT, is a general/0-day tracker that has made a name for itself by topping the pre-times list on the majority of Scene releases for the last couple of years. Apart from the Scene releases, TheGFT also has a nice database of P2P TV & Movie packs uploaded by the users. The current user base is 6000+, even though the user limit is set at 50,000. The reason behind this is that many people mistake the term ratioless to mean the same as "no seed requirements", which is not the case. Even though you don't have to worry about your overall ratio, you still need to seed each torrent to 1:1 ratio or for 48hrs.

Overall, for the pre-times and speeds, this is one of the best and most underrated 0-day trackers out there.

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