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Speed.cd torrent tracker invitations
Tracker’s URL: http://speed.cd/
Tracker Type: General

Tracker review:

Out of all the general trackers, Speed.cd is probably the only ‘family safe’ BitTorrent tracker. It’s a private torrent tracker with lots of movies, TV shows and software – it does not track any adult torrents and is mostly free of offensive comments, signatures and avatars.

Speed.cd is by no means a kids torrent tracker. It tracks a large amount of software (mostly scene zero day releases) , mainstream English movies and lots of US/Canadian TV Shows. With over 54000 registered users and over 13700 torrents, it’s a huge general tracker. If you are looking for adult content – Speed.cd is not the place you want to be; It does not track any porn and offensive comments,signatures or avatars are not allowed on the tracker. In fact, this is one of the few torrent sites that you can recommend to any member of your family.

One thing I have noticed about Speed.Cd is that an amazingly high number of torrents are uploaded each day . Most of these are scene releases including a lot of 0day appz. When you visit this tracker for the first time and hit browse, chances are high that you’ll see a lot of appz with only 1 seeder. Don’t be fooled – Speed.cd is not a dead tracker by any means. Take your time and browse through the index – or visit the Movies/XviD section. You’ll see that most of the popular torrents are very well seeded. Speaking of the movies section, both scene and non scene released movies are indexed. This includes aXXo movies as well.

One of the downsides I found with this tracker is that you cannot sort the torrent index by date, size, number of downloads or by number of seeders/leechers. Apart from this minor issue Speed.cd is an excellent general tracker. Signups are currently open and every new users gets 3GB free upload credit upon registration.

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