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Shazbat is new version of which was one of the oldest TV torrent private trackers created. Shazbat web layout is very impressive & bit different from other trackers. They mainly concentrate on TV-Rip so you will not find different encode/ formats for same show.

As per my experience with tracker they are still in beta phase. Awesome pre times and everyday uploads, it has a huge amount of torrents. Download and upload speeds are high but low number of leechers. Don't have a ratio system but a credits system that makes the tracker a bit harder as you won't find many leechers to earn enough.

- Credit System -
1 Byte = 1 Credit & vice versa. You will earn credit for uploading & lose on download. Any member with 0 credit will not be able to download anything, then only avaliable option will be is to donate to get some credits, where 1 Euro = 1 Gb credit.

Though Shazbat is comeback of but with low number of members it won't be easy to survive there without donation. For example if you donate 10 Euro & download 2 torrent of size approx 10 Gb but you didn't get any seeding credit then you have again donate. Secondly finding invite is really hard.

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