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Tracker Name: Secret-Cinema (SC)
Tracker Genre: Obsure Movies Tracker
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Bonus System: No
Tracker Birthday: N/A
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
Tracker Signup Link: Closed/Invite Only
Tracker URL:
Banned Countries: N/A
Tracker IRC: N/A
IRC Bonus: N/A
Tracker Twitter Account: N/A
Tracker FaceBook Account: N/A

Tracker Description:

Secret-Cinema (old Cinema-Obscure),is a ratio based movie tracker that specializes in more obscure content-including silent films,classics,cult,arthouse etc.Its falls in the same category as Karagarga and Cinemaggedon because focus on non-mainstream content.The site also offer except of movies music(OST,Radio) and a small number of E-books.Ratio is not very difficult to maintain if you jump early on new torrents.The PotM selection is also very helpful.The tracker is very different than others tracker than use.If you select a torrent from the browse page it will bring you to a forum post with information on the release,image and screenshots.Overall the have a new feature called Pill of the month aka freeleech.In forum has a special section called "Secret-Pharmacy" where you can view current and previous monthly picks which give you 100% download refund.

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