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Tracker’s name NorBits

Tracker’s URL

Tracker’s IRC Yes
Category General

Total torrents 17854

Total users 16809

User limit none

Seed difficultly Medium

Tracker review:

Norbits it’s an Norwegian tracker but with almost all English content, there you will find
many exclusives with reasonable pretime and great speeds, if u got an invite there you will have to answer questions about bittorent before you can get in so start studding if you planning to go there or just get an already formed account, There is no bonus system.The site is avoiding publicity by making random errors on their home page. Members should use to log in.The language on the site is Norwegian, and it is not possible to set the site to English. Also, the staff do allow, but do not like members that are not Norwegian. To be honest, if you do not speak Norwegian (or Scandinavian; Danish or Swedish) , or want to learn it, this is just an under average general tracker, but I think it got some English stuff that you won’t find elsewhere.
But if you are Norwegian, this tracker should be your ultimate goal.

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