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Name: MyAnonaMouse (MAM)
Genre: e-learning
Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based
Birthday: 2nd (2008)
Singup: Invite only
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: No Banned Countries


MyAnonaMouse is a great e-Learning tracker. It got a huge collection of ebooks, audiobooks, musicology and radio. Ebooks can be found in many different versions (pdf , epub, mobi).
Speeds are very good with many seedboxes and even old torrents usally have someone to seed them or re-seed.
If you seed a lot of torrents for long time you will easy gather thousand of Bonus points to spend for GB or invites or even VIP rank.
Care cause they are strickly with Hit n Run rules and you can end banned if you dont care.
Staff is very friendly and cool and always reply fast to your messages.
If you cant join Bibliotik this is the best alternative for me.

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