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MMA-Tracker is IMO the premier tracker to date for anything and everything MMA. Invites are easy enough to procure for active members; the current rule is that one receives an invite for each 10 GB uploaded (see rules screen shot). The caveat to this is that they are tough on cheaters AND the member who brought them on board, and rightfully so. This makes invites a bit more difficult to come by than other trackers because no one wants to risk their good standing in this awesome community. The speeds are wonderful, easily hitting 1.5 Mbit on popular torrents; however this may make it difficult for some folks to seed but there are some strategies one can implement to get by. One such strategy is to utilize the free leech torrents; so if you’re experienced you won’t have much problem with ratio as long as you plan before you snatch! The highest ratio that is “required” is .5 with 100GB of download unless of course you want to upload which requires a ratio of at leat .6… (but of course we always aim for better than 1).

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