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This ir preorder for Standard rodin coil . There is two seperated channels but they are like one. First half is first 2 pins, second half is second two pins. I will make after you buy this in approx 3 -5 days, sometimes little bit more if i have more work.

Color - blue (please aware that every monitor can show little different color)

Size approx: 9.3 cm (~3.66 inch)

In package:
1x rodin coil

it is tested and full working.

You will need get your own:
2 wires cables and screwdriver
waveform signal generator (DDS) or radionics device, or static static electricity (but static electricity not recommended if you don't know about it well)

* Addition things:
Neodymium magnet (only if you want to use as speaker)
Frequencies, you can find many frequencies by searching on the internet by these words: "Brainwave Frequency Listing"
Crystal (to charging it)
orgone or in other name "orgonite" (use same as crystal)


1. Can use with radionics
2. To healing yourself
3. To stimule chakra`s flow
4. use with magnet as speaker (scientic lessons)
5. to demonstrate magnetic field (scientic lessons)
6. to clean, harmonise and give frequeny by using with frequeny generator
7. for food, water, dietary supplement
8. test it with signal frequency generator
9. change room energetic field
10. other experiments with in eletronics.
11. more efficient electrical devices
12. use in energetical work (Frequencies, you can find many frequencies by searching on the internet by these words: "Brainwave Frequency Listing" and for more information about frequencies "healing frequencies")
13. to study how magnetic fields work and go trought this topic
14. where energy consumption must be limited
15. Where need increased magnetic field at the center
16. To use as antenna to a wide range of desired frequencies
17. To understand more rodin coil`s theory and get new experience with this
18. Coloidal Nano-Particle Silver
19. Some use with HHO water generator, but i don't know anything more about this.

## other more experiments in physics and metaphysics, but you self need to study in rodin coil theory and practice it, this is not traditional scientic thing, but more like esoteric topic.

* Due to the central circle of wires in a Rodin Torus, it naturally creates a greatly increased magnetic field in the center of the torus,
when compared to a conventional coil wound with the same amount of wire.
* Rodin coil produce magnetic field in this way:

For more information please read Marko Rodin theories, watch internet video where other entuizist experment with it

* I can make rodin coil to You, with wire turns and gauge invidual, also i can make many coils for you as bulky order
please write me message for it. I have Fisher Price donuts and other
production donuts. More bigger ring, more harder to make it, plastic
ring is softer, it may little bit bend coil somwhere, but that is no defective.

** If You have any ask please feel free to write me ;)

*** I don't send items to Africa, i am sorry about it.

About any taxes what can be respond buyer. You are warned

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