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Item description

*New handmade abha coil (frame of 3d printet filament or from plywood or mixed), and , some parts may be in other color, appearance or something else, but it do not affect working at all.
*Copper wire is enamelled with ~0.6 +/- (size without enameled layer around, but wire is with enameled layer so it is little bit more thicker) mm diameter
*Max volt for each coil invidual, but all coils can get no more than approx 3 volts or higher on shorter time
(you need to test it by yourself how hot it can handle, when come too hot then do not continue power it)

This coil will be 100 % handmade. It can be made only by hands,not with machine. !!

This ir preorder item, when you will buy it I will make special for you and send it out in approx 5-8 days. You will get similar coil with similar parts like this but not exactly this one. I can make different size and coils too. Please ask me in private about this.

You can also make custom changes or custom parts for additional price. Also it is possible to buy much more than 1 coil. Much more possible too. For this write private message to me.


There is total 12 copper wires assignable in one parallel. Total 24 free pins for cables connecting. For each one wire must use first and second pin in horizontally line as "-" (left side) and "+" (right side).
First left pin from top side is out line of first top right pin, and second , third and so on till bottom last one.
Please see last picture of this item for manual and if want to know more information about this please write me private message.

size : ~14.5 cm x ~14.5 cm ~5.2 cm (5.7 x 5.7 x 2.04 inch)
weight : -/+ 500 grams (~17.63 oz)

This abha coil will be tested and full working.

In package:
1x medium size (6 inch diameter) abha coil

You will need get your own:
2-24 wires cables and 1x screwdriver
waveform signal generator (DDS) or radionics device,
or static static electricity (but static electricity not recommended if you don't know about it well)
or your personal tools to work with this coil.

* Addition things:
Neodymium magnet (only if you want to use as speaker)
Frequencies, you can find many frequencies by searching on the internet by these words: "Brainwave Frequency Listing"
Crystal (to charging it or enchantment something with it)
orgone or in other name "orgonite" (use same as crystal)


1. Can use with radionics devices
2. To healing yourself
3. To stimule chakra`s flow
4. use with magnet as speaker (scientific lessons)
5. to demonstrate magnetic field (scientific lessons)
6. to clean, harmonize and give frequency by using with frequency generator (example:
Can use frequencies from "Brainwave generator" homepage and there is lot of informations about this topic (search and visit their hompegage by searching these words on the internet) )
7. for food, water, dietary supplement
8. test it with signal frequency generator
8.1 i am recommending these little cheaper DDS generators:
*SG1000, SG1002, SG1003, SG1005
9. change room energetic field
10. other experiments with in eletronics.
11. more efficient electrical devices
12. use in energetical work (Frequencies, you can find many frequencies by searching on the internet by these words: "Brainwave Frequency Listing" and for more information about frequencies "healing frequencies")
13. to study how magnetic fields work and go trought this topic
14. where energy consumption must be limited
15. Where need increased magnetic field around it
16. To use as antenna to a wide range of desired frequencies
17. To understand more rodin coil`s theory and get new experience with this
18. Coloidal Nano-Particle Silver
19. Charge battery? Someone told it is possible but i am not searched about this.

These are just some examples, but of course there is much more.

## other more experiments in physics and metaphysics, but you self need to study in rodin coil theory and practice it, this is not traditional scientific topic, but more like esoteric, experimental, new age topics. I do not take any responsibility about efficiently of these frequencies, coil`s using and any process part, it is experimental topic and results is depending only from each himself and his job quality and knowledge. My personal experience was good, at first times i got some cleaning process results, after some time same frequencies do not give any better result as i was already got.

For more information please read abha coils watch on the internet video where other entuisist experment with it

* I can make abha, star coil, rodin coil special for You, also many coils as bulk order. With wire turns invidual and other custom parts. Please write me message for it. More bigger ring, more harder to make it, plastic
ring is softer, it may little bit bend coil somewhere, but that is no defective (for rodin coil)

** If You have any ask please feel free to write me ;)

*** I don't send items to Africa. I am sorry about it.

Average shipping time to America is 7 - 14 days (after i am made it and sent out), sometimes ~45 days, and busy time more
as Easters, Christmas, then more days.
Shipping to Australia may be with delay because that is far from my country
To other countries may variable from 14 to 35 days
**** Any additional custom fees is not included, if there is any you need to pay by yourself.

If you don't get package please write me, ask me for tracking number. We can all do within conversations and get positive result for both.
If something not good then also write.

# All additional custom payments, taxes isnt included if there will be. It is on your responsibility
# Please respect my work and dont ask for cheaper prices. If i agreed to cheaper price then something will be with lower quality in job, item, package, sending method or i can not to sent it out at all. When you ask for discount then you know about this and accepted it.

Discount is available only for bulk orders (for buying least 3 items at same time)

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