$100 Noodles Gift Cards (10 x $10) INSTANT DELIVERY


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Item description

This listing is for 10 x $10 Noodles.com gift cards, to be delivered INSTANTLY upon purchase.

The easiest way to use these is ordering online

How To Use:
Step 1 :
Go to https://www.noodles.com/gift-cards/ and click "Check Balance" to check the balance of the cards I send you, just in-case I send cards with extra balance!

Step 2 :
Go to https://order.noodles.com/ and find your local noodles store

Step 3 :
Buld your order, get exactly what you want! Noodles & Co has some really delicious options, and they're very accomodating for special diets (eg. Gluten-Free, Vegetairian, Vegan, Low-Carb, Allergies, etc.)

Step 4 :
From the checkout page, hit "Checkout As Guest" for speed, or you can create an account if you want.

Step 5 :
Click "Add New Gift Card" and add each card 1 by 1. Then adjust the amounts next to each card accordingly. Then click "Place Order"!

Step 6 :
Drive, walk, bike, bus, subway yourself to your Noodles & Co location. Walk-in, go to the pick-up counter, grab your food bag, smile at the people at the counter and say THANK YOU!

Step 7 :
Enjoy your food!!!

Alternatively, you can order and pay in-store by loading the card numbers into your favorite GiftCard/LoyaltyCard app, like Gyft, Stocard, or FidelityCard.

PS. I AM A REAL PERSON, and I reply to every message I get. If you have any questions at all, want a custom order, bulk order, or just want to shoot the shit, drop me a line!

Thank you! - PizzaGhost2

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