$10 Hardees Carls Jr eGift Gift Card

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Item description

This listing is for a $10 Hardee's / Carl's Jr eGift card / gift card code.

You can simply add the code to PocketZee and use in store. I'm sure that other gift card management apps will allow you to use your Hardee's eGift cards as well. Gyft does not support Hardee's gift cards.

******&&&&&((*********PLEASE READ*******(*(&&^^&&*^((((********
This is really just a standard disclaimer / tutorial on using eGifts.

As with any eGift cards, there are times when the employee at the restaurant / store doesn't know how to use the eGift card off your phone. When you hand someone your phone to pay for something, it still gets a look of confusion, even in 2017.

If you come across the case where the employee is not sure what to do, you should simply inform them that they "usually" just type it in.

Then, they will type it in and all is good.

I have used Hardee's eGift for quite a while now, probably 2 years or more. I have never once had a restaurant have trouble taking the cards. You just might have to explain to them that the register will allow it. It comes down to a matter of willingness as they just have to be willing to do their jobs and help.

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