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Dishonored 2 Game
I will send the game as gift to your Steam account

Before or after the purchase send me a message which contains your Steam username as well as little text which describes your profile photo (to prevent possible misleading). I'll send a friend request and I am going to send you a 6 digit auto-generated code in bitify. I'll want you to send the same code to me from Steam chat to confirm you are the person I met in bitify

After that I'll send the game of your choice to your account.

Whole process will be screen-captured from my point of view.

There are three ways to receive your game and/or DLC

This is the FULL game just like you buy from Steam. It'll be yours forever.

Be sure you haven't purchased anything in the past 2 days

3 ways to acquire your game

1 New Account /doesn't support DLC/

We create a new account and put the GAME on the account. If you would like to family share it with your main so that you can access it without logging into the alt account to play, you will have to change your main account's region to Turkey.

2 Your Main Account (Easiest Way)

In order to do this, we will need your Steam login. (Username and temporary password that you can change later) We will do all the necessary steps to change your region for you and put the game/DLC in your account.

3 DIY (If you don't want to give your account details)

If you would like to do all of this yourself, here are the steps.

1. Download TunnelBear, TigerVPN (or any VPN you know) and create a new account for a free trial (If those don't work, contact me)

2. Make sure Steam is closed and connect to Istanbul, TR using the VPN

3. Log in to Steam and go into Account Details.

5. Click update store country and click Turkey

6. You can put in a fake name and address

7. CITY & STATE: Istanbul

8. ZIP: 34010

9. Once done, contact me and I will send you the game/DLC!

All games, new or old stay with you forever! You will be able to play all your games as before! Changing regions doesn't affect your games!

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