InsomniaCookies US account with 10$ Reward Balance

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How do I use it?

1- download the app and login with given credentials.

2- view loyalty tab on the bottom of the app to ensure funds are available

3- select the desired store you want and add items to your cart

4- on checkout screen change your name/phone#/email to whatever you want it to be and select ‘Use Cookie Dough’

5- Confirm order (if it states to add a valid GC or payment method just choose cash and the following screen will apply the cookie dough and you can pay the remainder with cash in store if you went over the balance)

6- arrive at the store, tell them you had an order for pickup using the app and you’re all set

The employees at my store are always very friendly so when I told them about my order they didn’t ask for any confirmation or even my name but YMMV on that so make sure you change your info on the checkout screen

You have 24h warranty to report that your account isn't working

do not change email/pass so the account can last longer.

No refunds after purchasing, if you're account doesn't work, I'll replace.

if you leave negative feedback without contacting me, your account won't be replaced.

Telegram: ares_muth

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