Windfarer (Fantasy Ebook by Shaun M Jooste)

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A shadow lurks over the earth, as foul creatures attack the villages. The leader of hurorcs and purorcs commands them to attack the southern tribes, and is captured. But Mercius, once known as the Windfarer, finally breaks free after years of imprisonment and sets his sight upon the Asbec College of Elements where an ancient power is rumoured to be hidden.

Shadowolf is in his last year of studies at the Azbec College of Elements when word of the escape spreads. Strange things happen and he becomes entwined in a world of mystery and murder, using the power of the elements to survive. And as war erupts, Shadowolf returns home and does everything in his ability to protect the five southern wolf tribes. For his effort he merely frustrates Mercius\'s plans, but significantly learns that Mercius is subservient to a dark lord; someone more powerful, known as Le\'Mar.

Between the protection of his family, the loyalty of the Shadow Clan and the new-found love of his life, can he pull himself away to stop Mercius from reaching the potent power node? For neither the elves nor the dwarves can stop him should he gain the power he seeks. Even the dark lord seems troubled.

The Masaran Phenomenon approaches, and the \"Prophecy of the Windfarer\" is upon them.

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